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What Is the Best Park to Go with the Whole Family in Punta Cana?

There is no doubt that the best park is that one that has EVERYTHING to please every member of the family, areas to have fun, relax, and share a special day with the family. In Punta Cana there are many options in terms of parks, but only one has the concept of “fun time in family” as their priority.

The favorite place for many families who visit Punta Cana is called AquaPark. Reasons range from its wide variety of activities, games and its comfortable and modern spaces, to the pleasant attention of all staff. It is a park that continues to attract more and more family groups.

What to do at AquaPark?

The fun is so unlimited here that you´ll have trouble deciding what to do. In AquaPark you will find three unique spaces that adapt to different ages and tastes, but the three have the same purpose which is to make you have a great time.

The first one is Play Lake, a wonderful place with many adventures to explore.

Start with the Cuerda Floja, a challenge in which you’ll test your strength and balance, then go ahead and get on the Donut Ride, a fun ride on the water, where you can go full speed or quietly. And if you are ready for more excitement, head to the Blob Catapult, where you’ll jump from a platform bouncing off an inflatable and then go deep into the water. Now if you want something quieter, the Paddle Board is for you; you’ll be sailing around the lake relaxing and enjoying the view.

Remember that all activities are designed to share in family, so don’t let anyone left behind!

The second space is called Wake Lake. A spectacular lake that is full of adrenaline (for the most adventurous of the house). Here you can practice Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding and Slalom Ski with the help of professionals, and all the necessary safety equipment.

The third space is Land and Fun, because they know that not everyone in the family is a fan of being in the water, or under the sun. Land and Fun is a cool and fun space with beach games, board games, relaxation and entertainment. Can we give you another piece of information? Here you will also find one of the best restaurants on the island.

Each one of the activities that AquaPark offers is thought in the joy of sharing in family, in an environment like no other that allows families to create magical moments that remain forever in their memories.

Don’t miss these and many other activities that are waiting for you in the best park in Punta Cana, AquaPark.