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The newest park in Punta Cana!

Located at Down Town Punta Cana, AquaPark is the best option for the whole family, whether you want to hang out and play some board games or to live the excitement of wakeboarding, AquaPark is for you.

Fun will have no limits at Play Lake, there you can jump, climb and maneuver, putting your balance to test, you will see that in the end it is fun to compete with your family and see who achieves each goal in the best way.

A large lake with a spectacular view. This is the only place in the Caribbean where you can practice Wakeboarding, also known as water skiing. Kneeboarding is another fun way to slide over the water at Wake Lake, and if you want to go for that extra dose of adrenaline you cannot miss the Slalom Ski.

At Fun and Land you’ll find everything from classic and fun board games to beach games like volleyball, tennis and football. This is a place where you’ll relax and enjoy an amazing view, plus, you can see the kids having fun in the Wake Lake or Play Lake.

A third lake, Lake 2.0 is the stage to take your wakeboarding lessons with our expert instructors, as well as having fun in the Donut Ride and flying through the air on our second Zip Line, to fall into the clear waters of our lake